Full Throttle Battery Invades Winchester Bay

A group of guys enjoying the beach while taking refuge from the wind in Winchester, Oregon.

Published: March 30, 2021

Winchester Bay, Oregon, sometimes nicknamed “Windychester”, is home to one of the Pacific Northwest’s favorite riding destinations. The year round climate is a mixture of rain and extremely high winds – particularly compounded during the winter. Since 2017, some of the Pacific Northwest’s most daring riders converge on Winchester to see what sort of dune craters and creations the winter winds have to offer. This gathering is called, “Goons in the Dunes.” And Full Throttle Battery has been there since its inception.

An Easy Choice

Why do so many riders in the PNW choose a Full Throttle battery to power their car? Here’s a few reasons.


FT Series batteries have much higher CCA compared to other manufacturers. Power your winch, lights, and audio system without a hitch.


Sealed AGM means there’s no need to worry about watering your FT battery. It’ll always be ready to go no matter where you are.


Rough ride? No problem! FT Series batteries are vibration resistant. Even install your battery in unconventional orientations for custom kits.

Powered by Full Throttle Battery

The FT410 and the FT560 are the most common group sizes for UTVs. Don’t worry. We have several more sizes available to fit your make and model. See our product line.


The FT560

Living and Breathing Sand Dunes

Immense gusts of wind errode the dunes in Winchester, Oregon.

Winter did not disappoint. Like clockwork, Winchester’s extreme high winds dotted the area with hidden terrain features. The craters and dune crevasses swallowed sand machines and side-by-sides. This made for some interesting recovery challenges. Electrical systems and winches get put to the ultimate test in Winchester. Why would people ride in these conditions? Only the riders know for sure. Likely a big factor is having 5,000 acres of pristine dunes and unique features to creatively navigate.

If you want to come out for the ride, follow the Northwest UTV Trail Riders group page on Facebook. The event is coordinated on the page. Until next February. Keep it on 4-wheels!

Event photos courtesy of Zach Jeffers (@sxsguys).

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