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Delta-Q IC900

The IC900 battery charger is ready to integrate on-board into lift trucks, aerial work platforms, power sports vehicles and floor care machines. Sealed and compact, electric drive machines benefit from the IC900's reliability, and flexibility to charge lead acid and lithium batteries. This compact charger can connect with other components via CAN bus communication to enhance serviceability and machine performance.

IC Series hardware architecture was created using design for reliability and manufacturing principles. The IC900 is engineered to be easy to manufacture and avoid the possibility of introducing defects during assembly. To reach the production line, it went through multi-stage accelerated lifetime testing to eliminate design weaknesses.

Easy to integrate
Optional CAN bus communication enables a link between the IC900 charger and other components, providing for safe lithium-ion battery charging, and machine diagnostics and servicing information. The IC900's mechanical design and convection cooling allows many installation orientations, benefiting the design of machines with space restrictions, such as lift trucks or power sports machines.

Battery charging performance
In its extensive battery lab, Delta-Q has developed more than 190 charge profiles for lead acid (wet/flooded, AGM, gel) and lithium batteries. New profiles can be developed for manufacturers as part of the design-in process. The company has a proven track record of balancing charging time, performance and longevity, and application needs.

Model Usage Type DC Output
DC Output
Low Voltage
942-0001 Base 37.5 A 900 W 1.2 V
942-0002 Base 25 A 900 W 1.8 V
942-0003 Base 20 A 900 W 2.4 V
942-0004 Comm 37.5 A 900 W 1.2 V
942-0005 Comm 25 A 900 W 1.8 V
942-0006 Comm 20 A 900 W 2.4 V
  Name Size
Manual Icon Manual 1.2 MB
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