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Delta-Q IC650

The IC650 is a 650 watt industrial battery charger which uses an innovative sealed die cast aluminum enclosure to provide the ultimate in reliability. Featuring a patented USB host port, and highly flexible universal DC connections. The IC650 is sold in 24, 36 and 48 volts of direct current (VDC) models.


  • Rugged, sealed aluminum die cast enclosure protects against extreme environments.
  • Convection cooling eliminates the need for a cooling fan, thereby increasing reliability and eliminating the need for fan replacement/service.
  • IP66 protection allows reliable operation in harsh environments.


  • Integrated USB port allows easy updating of software, charge profiles and retrieval of charge history.
  • Flooded, sealed and lithium battery compatibility. Select from an extensive list of approved charge algorithms backed with the validation of Delta-Q and many major battery manufacturers.
  • IC650 chargers store up to 25 algorithms which can be selected to match the specific batteries in use. IC650 chargers can easily be programmed via the user interface built into every charger, and remotely serviced supported without the need of an on-site technician.
  • Advanced, high-frequency, switch-mode design allows more efficient (90% typ), faster charging and optimal charging independent of battery type or condition.
  • Optional CANbus allows communication and integration into machinery


  • Wide range AC mains input (85 - 270 VAC) allows use of one charger anywhere in the world and eliminates the need to stock and service multiple models.
  • Lightweight and compact size allows on-board use and offers space advantages over traditional SCR & ferro-resonant chargers and can be used in on or off-board installations.
  • Universal DC connections allow the use of any user selected connector from a single model.

Model Usage Type DC Output
DC Output
Low Voltage
940-0021-A AWP Kit - Interlock 27.1 A 650 W 1.2 V
940-0001 Base 27.1 A 650 W 1.2 V
940-0002 Base 18.1 A 650 W 1.8 V
940-0003 Base 13.5 A 650 W 2.4 V
940-0004 Comm 27.1 A 650 W 1.2 V
940-0005 Comm 18.1 A 650 W 1.8 V
940-0006 Comm 13.5 A 650 W 2.4 V
Type Description
AC-Cord AC-Cord 3M 16AWG IP66 IEC 320 SCHUKO
SKU# 475-0350
AC-Cord AC-Cord 3M 16AWG IP66 IEC 320 NEMA 5-15
SKU# 475-0406
AC-Cord AC-Cord 0.45 16AWG IP66 IEC 320 Pigtail
SKU# 475-0407
DC Cord Clamp Breakaway DC Cord
SKU# 426-0062
DC Harness 12AWG DC Harness - 1.8m 3/8" Ring Term w/ BTS w/ilock
SKU# 475-0351
DC Harness 12AWG DC Harness - 2.44m w/ SB50 Grey
SKU# 475-0353
DC Harness 12AWG DC Harness - 2.44m w/ SB175 Grey
SKU# 475-0354
DC Harness 12AWG DC Harness - 2.44m w/ SB175 Black
SKU# 475-0379
DC Harness DC Harness - 2.44m w/ SB50 Red
SKU# 475-0409
Handle & Feet Kit (1) Handle (2) Screws & (4) Rubber Feet
SKU# 900-0111
Signal Harness Remote Temp Sensor 3M Faston
SKU# 475-0348
Signal Harness Sig Harness - 1.8m ilock w/3.35m Remote LED
SKU# 475-0357
Signal Harness Sig Harness - 1.8m Isolated BTS/Remote LED +0.3 10cct pigtail
SKU# 475-0359
Repair Temp Sensor Themistor Repair Kit
SKU# 900-0002
Replacement DC Terminal DC Terminal Cover IC Series
SKU# 400-0300
Replacement LED Cable 10' (3m) Shielded Bare Wires to LED
SKU# 900-0058
Replacement LED Lables LED label pack (10 pcs)
SKU# 900-0061
Replacement Temp Sensor 3m shielded wires
SKU# 900-0056
Replacement Temp Sensor 140mm bares wires
SKU# 900-0059
Replacement Temp Sensor 1.2m bares wires
SKU# 900-0060
Replacement Temp Sensor 140mm Fast-on Tab-Plug
SKU# 900-0064
Replacement USB Cover USB Sealing Plug
SKU# 400-0367
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