Fullriver Battery Parters with Lesco Distributing

Camarillo, CA, September 27, 2016 - Fullriver Battery USA and the Full Throttle Battery brand have teamed up with Lesco Distributing for the car audio market. Lesco Distributing is a wholesale company with over 30 years of experience in the 12-volt industry. Lesco currently operates 4 warehouses in Orange City, FL, Miami, FL, South Bend, IN, and Carrollton, TX with multi-million dollar inventories in each location.

“We are partnering with Full Throttle Battery due to the opportunity to deal directly with a tier one supplier offering an exciting product launch.”

- Neil Brookmyer, Merchandising Manager at Lesco Distributing

“We look forward to servicing our established dealer base as well as promoting Full Throttle to prospective customers.”

- Scott Austin, Sales Manager at Lesco Distributing

Fullriver Battery has positioned the Full Throttle brand as the highest quality battery within the industry at a competitive price point. Fullriver is standing behind the Full Throttle quality boasting a 4-year warranty. The Full Throttle Battery brand of car audio, motorcycle, racing, and general SLI batteries was released earlier this year. Fullriver Battery is highly regarded in the deep cycle AGM market and the same premium quality product and outstanding customer service will carry over to the new High-Performance Full Throttle Series.

“Lesco Distributing is an outstanding company and has been around over 30 years with a great history. With Lesco Distributing onboard we look forward to expansion in the car audio market and outstanding customer service.”

- Matthew Karlovic, Market Specialist at Fullriver Battery USA

You can find Full Throttle at upcoming shows and competitions by following Fullriver Battery on Facebook. For more information, you can contact Lesco Distributing at sales@lescodistributing.com or 1-800-444-8896.

Since 1995, Fullriver Battery has been manufacturing maintenance-free AGM batteries for a variety of applications around the world. Using only the highest quality materials, Fullriver has formulated their batteries to maximize life cycles by using more lead to create stronger connections between cells and heavier plates to increase reserve capacity. And because Fullriver batteries come in a fully sealed, maintenance-free, corrosion-free package, Fullriver AGM batteries enhance the quality of your machines. With a growing Master Distribution Network, Fullriver Battery is becoming a household name in the AGM battery world.

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