Rob Evans
Sales, Estimating and Design at Van Specialties

FRB: Tell us a little bit about your company?

“We opened our doors back in 1973 and have been building conversion vans since. We also build campers and Class B motor coaches on a variety of different chassis.”

FRB: What led you to choose Fullriver batteries over another brand?

“A maintenance-free battery makes it easy for our customers since they do not have to service the batteries. Fullriver's amp hours are comparable (if not higher) than other brands, but it's the warranty that is far superior to other battery brands.”

FRB: Where/who did you acquire your Fullriver batteries from?

“We get our Fullriver Batteries from Battery Systems.”

FRB: How long have you been using Fullriver batteries?

“4 1/2 years and counting...”

FRB: Overall, are you happy with the performance of Fullriver batteries?

“All-in-all, we love the performance of Fullriver batteries.”

FRB: Is there anything else you would like to share with the world about our batteries?

“We are going to keep using Fullriver batteries on our conversions. Our customer have been happy with the performance and the life of them and will continue to use them.”