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Company Spotlight Series

Advanced Solar Industries
624 North Shirk Road
New Holland PA 17557
(717) 768-8500


The Interview

Chris Byers; CEO of Advanced Solar Industries

FRB: Tell us a little bit about your company?

“We are a full service solar installer specializing in residential and commercial solar applications. We also offer solar backup solutions allowing people to operate independent of the grid, or just simply as a backup in case the grid goes down.”

FRB: Where are you located and what areas do you service?

“We are located in New Holland, PA and currently serve commercial, residential and agricultural customers in the states of Pennsylania and Maryland.”

FRB: What led you to choose Fullriver batteries over another brand?

“Our battery supplier, North East Battery recommended Fullriver Battery for project we were working on.”

FRB: How long have you been using Fullriver batteries?

“A little over 2 years now.”

FRB: Overall, are you happy with the performance of Fullriver batteries?

“We are very pleased with the performance and price of Fullriver Battery.”

FRB: Is there anything else you would like to share with the world about our batteries?

“The next time you're in a position where you have to replace batteries, we recommend you give Fullriver Battery a try.”

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